The Institute shall have the following management structure:

  1. Management/ Advisory Board

The Institute shall have a Management Advisory Board whose members shall be appointed by the vice-Chancellor. The role of the Advisory Board shall be to:

  1. Establish broad policies and directions, as well as short, medium and long term strategies for the institute;
  2. Ensure the availability of adequate financial and material resource for the Institute through the mobilization of resources for the successful implementation of the core       functions of the institute;

iii.        Ratify and approve the annual programme, budgets and reports of the institute prepared   by its management and any other matters relating to the activities           of the institute;

  1. Appraise and periodically review the institute’s system and processes and the performance of its staff to ensure sustained qualifies of its academic programmes and   other functions;
  2. The activities and the tenure of the Board shall be in line with existing ant university regulations.
  3. Academic board

The Institute of Maternal and Child health shall have an Academic board which shall be responsible for providing direction and approval of all academic programs of the institute and seek senate approval through the Board of the School of postgraduate studies. The board shall be established based under the existing regulations of the university. The board shall be broad and inclusive in line with the trans-disciplinary nature of the institute.

  1. Administrative Structure

The institute shall have the following:

  1. a) A Director;
  2. b) Deputy Directors (Academic and Research) from Obstetrics/Gynaecology and Paediatrics departments respectively;
  3. c) Co-ordinator (Postgraduate course)
  4. d) Course Coordinators based on the three core areas of the Programmes of the institute:
  5. e) Programme managers (coordinating the research components of the Institute);
  6. f) Faculty members (who shall be drawn from the core academic staff of the University from the relevant Faculties, based on competence, in line with existing regulations of the       university).
  7. f)       Secretary
  8. g)     Bursar
  9. h)     Accountant

Functional Activities:

The functional activities of the Institute are to be undertaken in five main sections; namely academic/research, laboratory services (short and long term bases), training involving field services (short term); service delivery and health promotion including the nutrition education/ rehabilitation unit (short and long term), Nursing services (and the health visiting Nursing services, health education and immunization services).