Our vision

To be a world class institute that will advance research in maternal and child health conditions in the continent, the results of which will inform policies and best practices in these areas of medicine. Also, to produce adequate man power necessary to implement and drive these policies and practices.

Our mission:

To provide interdisciplinary training in research, policy, theory, and practice relevant to health problems and services for women, infants, children, adolescents, and their families


The Institute will run academic postgraduate programmes which will be designed to produce graduates who will have the requisite skills and knowledge to be specialists in their fields and leaders of global programs to reduce maternal and child mortality. The institute will also conduct innovative research on the molecular and genetic basis of diseases in the relevant populations with view to discovering new and better treatment/prevention of genetic disorders. There will also be a clinical arm of the institute which will run Health promotive and training activities for health personnel. This will also be a key area of focus.